Lothar Lien

The Head of the Nexus Merchant Guild


Once a dashing man in his youth, age and complacency caught up with Lothar Lien. His greying hair at his temples and slowly increasing belly showing his age.

Coming from a long line of merchants, he was the first to rise to the heady heights of Leading the Merchant’s Guild of Nexus.

His marriage to Lyra was arranged early in their lives, and there was litte love between them. More importantly, the unison was fruitful, and the couple had eight children.

The eldest, Akuna, was from an early age groomed to follow in his father’s footsteps.

The remaining, two sons who were both trained to work as assistants to minor merchants, and five daughters who were to be married with political gains in mind.

Akuna (m – 13)
Tamara (f – 11)
Ayla & Anna (f – 10 – twins)
Dawn (f – 8)
Shane (m – 7)
Grace (f – 5)
Toman (m – 3)


Lothar Lien

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